Goldie Sommer is an Attorney

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Goldie Sommer is an attorney who has worked in Fairfield, New Jersey, for a number of years. She works at a firm called Sommer & Engelhart Attorney at Law, for which she is a named partner. On top of practicing as an attorney, Goldie Sommer is a licensed real estate agent.

Goldie Sommer is well positioned to utilize her knowledge of, and experience with, the industries of law and real estate. She provides a synergy between real estate and law that many clients need during the course of their real estate transactions and property deals.

Goldie Sommer is a well respected specialist in the field of real estate law, a sector which could use more like her. She has, on several occasions, served as a mediator for the Better Business Bureau. He has also been hired as an expert witness multiple times for various cases where real estate property was involved.