Goldie Sommer is an attorney

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There are a lot of factors involved in the making of a good lawyer. Goldie Sommer exhibits some of the best qualities than anyone looks for in a lawyer. So who is Goldie Sommer and why is she respected in her field? Goldie Sommer is an attorney who lives and works in Fairfield, New Jersey. Goldie Sommer is a partner at a law firm called Sommer & Engelhart Attorneys at Law.

Goldie Sommer isn’t just another lawyer working normal cases, though. She has a specialty that comes from her other career interest. Goldie Sommer is also a licensed real estate agent, so she knows that industry inside and out. She has unique insights into real estate law as a result of her history of work and her experience in the law and real estate industries. This unique insight helps her to be a very capable specialist in the field of real estate law.

Goldie Sommer is so respected that she has been asked to serve as an expert witness in a number of court cases where real estate law was at issue. Additionally, she has served as a mediator in the past for the Better Business Bureau.